High-Level Crafting System by Lunatus


Creating Lv. 90 PvM-Armours
  • PvM armours can be advanced at Admiral Angmur in the Cape Dragon Fire
  • When advancing you will not lose your bonuses of the armours
  • Success Rate is 100%
  • Advancement costs: 25.000.000 Yang
  • The required armours must be +9

Creating Lv. 105-PvM Armours

Lv. 95 PvM Jewelery
  • Jewelery can be advanced at Yak-Hwan in Cape Dragon Fire
  • The jewelery will lose its bonuses when advancing it at Yak-Hwan
  • When creating the Sapphire EQ from Soul Crytal EQ with a Blessing Scroll the bonuses will not be lost
  • Also you then just require 2x Thread Thread instead of 3
  • The required items must be +9
  • Advancement costs: 50.000.000 Yang

Lv. 105 PvM Jewelery
  • Jewelery can be advanced by using Blessing Scroll Blessing Scroll
  • Advancement costs: 50.000.000 Yang
  • The bonuses will not be lost
  • The required jewelery must be +9

Lv. 115 PvM Equipment