Monster Navigator

Level Name
1Wild Dog
1Hungry Stray Dog
3Hungry Wolf
4Alpha Wolf
4Hungry Alpha Wolf
5White Tiger
6Blue Wolf
6Hungry Blue Wolf
7Wild Boar
7Hungry Wild Boar
9Alpha Blue Wolf
9Hungry Alpha-Blue Wolf
10Black Giant Orc
11Ice Golem
12Hungry Bear
12Tree Frog Leader
13Grey Wolf
13Hungry Grey Wolf
15Desert Outlaw
18Hungry Tiger
18White Oath Soldier
19Black Bear
19Hungry Black Bear
20White Oath Archer
20Esoteric Tormentor
21Flame Warrior
22Weak Ape Soldier
22Clever small Ape Soldier
25Esoteric Summoner
26Black Wind Soldier
26Evil Bl. Storm Soldier
27Black Wind Maniac
27Evil Bl. Storm Maniac
29Black Wind Archer
29Evil Bl. Storm Archer
29Savage Infantryman
29Strong Savage Infantry
30Wild Boar
32Savage Minion
32Strong Savage Minion
34Elite Orc
34Bold Big Orc
35Esoteric Fanatic
35High Fanatic
35Clever Ape Soldier
35Wild Dog
43Baby Spider
43Mean Baby Spider
45Deadly Spider
45Mean Poison Spider
52Proud Dark Fanatic
52Bestial Fanatic
57Ape Soldier
60Baby Venom Spider
60Serf Scorpion Man
65Haunted Tree
67Haunted Stump
68Giant Worker
72Strong Ape Soldier
74Evil strong Ape Soldier
79Spectral Crusher
79Hateful Crusher
80A thousand soldiers
82A thousand archers
87Heaven Soldier
89Heaven Archer
95Gnoll Warrior
95Red Thief Amazon
96Manticore Warrior
96Tritonic Moray
96Crab Warrior
97Ember Flame Ghost
97Frost Crystal
98One-eyed Slugger
99Ember Flame Tiger
99Frost Bug
100Demon of Chaos
100Demon Flying Eye
100Demonic lost Soul
100Demon of Despair
100Demonic Soldier
100Demonic Executioner
100Demonic General
100Demonic Commander
100Lemures Warrior
102Brutal Red Thief Amazon
102Gigantic Biter
105Demonic Monster
108En-Tai Warrior
112Ochao Warrior
117Strong Ochao Warrior