Pet System by Lunatus

General Informations
On Xaleas you have the opportunity to own a pet that can be leveled next to your ususal pet. These pets give you HP, SP and Defence in %. The values of the 3 bonuses of a pet are randomly given when its hatching. The possible maximum values are listed below:

Where do I get an egg from?
On Xaleas we have 5 different possible eggs for you to drop.

Pet User Interface

Hatching an egg costs 100.000 Yang. To get more informations about your pet you can open the Pet User Interface by klicking the 'P'-Button on your keyboard.

Pet Duration
Your freshly hatched pet has a duration of 96 Hours (4 Days). This time will only go down when the pet is active. Pet duration can be refilled to 100% by feeding the pet with Protein Snack Protein Snack.

You can also use other eggs and pets (dead or alive) to feed your pet. When feeding with eggs and pets the duration of your pet will be refilled by 3-5%. When feeding it with a Protein Snack Protein Snack the duration will go back to 100%. Once the duration of your pet expires, it will die. Reviving your dead pet is also possible with the Protein Snack Protein Snack. Duration will be then restored to 50%. If a pet is revived he will keep his bonues and skills, but his age will be reseted.

Leveling your Pet
On each level 75% of the required EXP comes from killing mobs (Red Bubbles) and 25% comes from sacrificing items. (Blue Bubble)

The amount of EXP from each item varies according to the NPC price of each item. High level items give more EXP than low level items. You can fill the blue bubble before the red are complete. Exceding item EXP will be stored for the next level. Pets need to be active in order to obtain EXP from killing monsters.

Evolving your Pet
At specific levels of your pet you can develop it to the next stage. Once it has been developed you can continue leveling it.

As soon as your pet is over level 80 it has the ability to learn 3 special skills. The skills slot unlocked will be random once your pet reaches heroic stage. An item to increase skill slots will be coming soon! The required skill books you obtain from Pet Book Chest Pet Book Chest. You can read 20 skill books per skill.