Shoulder Sash System by Lunatus

General Informations
On Xaleas, Shoulder Sashes can be improved up to an absorption rate of 25%. Starting from an absorption rate of 19%, the shoulder sashes will sparkle like weapons and armours from +7-+9. There are four different grades of quality: Basic (1% Absorption Rate), Fine (5% Absorption Rate), Noble (10% Absorption Rate) and Custome (11-25% Absorption Rate).
The NPC that has everything to do with Shoulder Sashes is Theowahdan. He offers you three possibilities: Crafting, Combination of Shoulder Sashes and Absorption of Bonuses.

Shoulder Sash Crafting
  • You can craft the four standard sashes by usind silk fabrics and fine cloths
  • The required silk fabrics can be exclusively be droped from chiefs and their chests
  • Theowahdan offers you the possibility to change 200x Green Potion (L) Green Potion (L) for 3x Fine Cloth Fine Cloth

  • You can only combine two sashes with the same grade of quality with each other
  • Combination can fail
  • In that case the upper sash (sash 1) will not be destroyed in that progress, only the bottum one (sash 2)
  • Sash 1 will remain on the same grade as it was before
  • The upper sash will remain in any case and so the absorbed bonuses if need be
  • The sashes that currently are being used will be highlighted blue in your inventory

Absorption of Bonuses
  • The absorption of bonuses has a success rate of 100%
  • During the absorption process will a specific amount of bonuses from the item be trasferred onto the shoulder sash
  • The amount of bonuses that will be absorbed depends on the absorption rate of the sash
  • When improving the grade of a sash, that already has absorped an item, the values of the absorbed bonuses will be re-calculated
  • Yet again, will the chosen sash and item be highlighted blue in your inventory
  • Bonus values will be rounded of. When you receive mathematically a value of 12.9, the sash will absorb 12% and not 13%

Diversity of Shoulder Sashes on Xaleas
Currently there 16 different Shoulder Sashes available on Xaleas.