Shining System by Lapis

Shining System
We have 4 different versions of all shinings. The differences are as followed:
  • 5 Day Shinnings are the Free Version from the Achievement Shop. You can only add 1 bonus to them. You can also only use the (b) items to enchant the shinnings. You can get the (b) items also from Achievement Shop!
  • 15 days Shinings are the normal ones from the ingame (they drop from boss chests) or the itemshop. Here you can add 2 bonuses. The enchant items are droppable from metinstones and boss monster chests.
  • Permanent Shinings can have up to 3 different bonuses. You can craft 15 Day Shinings into a permanent one.
  • Legendary Shinings are made from Permanent Shinings. Here you can also add 3 bonuses but the special thing here is that the bonus values are higher than on all other shinings. For example: All shinings can have 5% Half-Humans. Legendary Shinings can have a maximum of 10%.
You can equip 4 Shinings at the same time:
  • 1x Weapon Shining
  • 2x Armor Shining
  • 1x Special Shining
You can craft the Permanent and Legendary Shinings at:

Permanent Shinings
To craft permanent Shinings you will need the following items:

Normal and Permanent Shining Bonus
Legendary Shinings
To craft Legendary Shining the following 2 special items will be necessary:
  • Legendary Diamond Powder. You can get this powder from the Legendary Diamond!
  • Diamond Tool. You can obtain this item from the open bosses on maps 90,100,105 and 115
To get Legendary Diamond Powder you have to use the Diamond Tool into the Legendary Diamond like this:

1 Legendary Diamond will give you 800 Legendary Diamond Powder
To craft Legendary Shinings the following items will be necessary:

Legendary Shining Bonus
WARNING: You can't use tansmutation on Shinings!